LCAP Study Shows Districts Not Focused on EL Needs

Excerpts from a press release by
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A new report that reviewed the Local Control Accountability Plans of 29 key school districts throughout the state, and the impact those LCAPs are having on English Learner students, was released on May 21, 2015 by Californians Together.

The report, titled “Falling Short on the Promise to English Learners, A New Report on Year One District Local Control Accountability Plans,” found that LCAPs tend to be characterized by woefully inadequate specificity and weak attention to how schools are meeting the various needs of English Learners. In addition, the study, which was conducted in collaboration with the Center for Equity for English Learners at Loyola Marymount University, found that districts tended to not identify effective, research- based practices for working with underserved populations.

Among the key findings presented in the report:

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  • There was difficulty in ascertaining actual funding allocations by districts that were related to EL services and programs.
  • The state’s year one LCAP design was inadequate to ascertain whether or not districts are planning for increased or improved services to ELs.
  • Very few districts explicitly specify services and programs that align to various EL needs.

Officials from Californians Together praised the report as a timely spotlight on the critical importance of planning for and delivering quality education to English Learners.

The report can be downloaded at:

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