CABE Delegation Meets with Top Education Officials in México, D. F.

Imagine of CABE CEO, Jan Gustafson with delegation in meeting with education officials in MéxicoOn June 1-2, 2015, a CABE delegation met with the Secretaria de Educación Pública (SEP), the Instituto de Méxicanos en el Exterior(IME), and other Mexican education officials to explore how their organizations can collaborate to better serve the educational needs of students and teachers in both countries.  The delegation from CABE consisted of Jan Gustafson Corea, CEO; Karling Aguilera Fort, Board President; Bárbara Flores, Board Director of Community Affairs; and Enrique González, Strategic Partnerships Consultant.

Non-Spanish speakers may want to review this short tutorial (0:54) before viewing the video below:  How to enable and change the language of subtitles/closed captioning in Youtube

Watch the video (3:43) en español:  CABE Delegation in México D. F.

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