Action Alert re: LTELs

Graphic of finger pushing Red ACT NOW buttonSB 750 (Mendoza) English Language Instruction    

Senate Bill 750 (Mendoza) English Language Education: English Learners is finally on Governor Brown’s desk! He will determine the fate of SB 750 (Mendoza), to sign (and make law) or to veto.

Your continued support and advocacy is needed NOW to show Governor Brown how much support there is for this bill. Click on the link below to send the letter to the Governor.

SB 750 (Mendoza) revises current law specific to the definitions of a Long Term English Learner and pupils At Risk of becoming a Long Term English Learner in order for the California Department of Education to more accurately identify these pupils for the purpose of providing appropriate instructional services to these students by their school districts.

Please forward this Action Alert to other interested persons or entities. Our challenge is to get as many letters as possible to Governor Brown!! Governor Brown has until October 11, 2015 to decide.

Please click below to email a letter of support to the governor with a copy to the author of our bill Senator Tony Mendoza.

Click here to email legislators. [Check back soon for the active link!)

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