Instructional Materials Appropriate for English Learners Around the Corner!

by Martha Zaragoza-Díaz, CABE LobbyistMartha Zaragoza-Díaz

For those of you clamoring for ELA/ELD instructional materials they are to be made available SOON!!

On November 4, 2015, the State Board of Education approved instructional materials for kindergarten through grade eight. These instructional materials are aligned to the California Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in Science, History-Social Studies and Technical subjects based on the Common Core and the California & English Language Development Standards.

California is the first state to integrate English language arts/literacy (ELA) and English Language Development (ELD) resulting in making the language development for ELs a core image of map and flan of Californiapart of the curriculum and not a separate isolated part of the school day! These instructional materials should help those of you who are teachers develop the language skills of ELs throughout the school day.  SBE approved 25 instructional materials programs. Among the 25 adopted programs, 17 are intervention programs. Local school districts may now begin their own process of reviewing the materials to determine which of the adopted programs best meet the needs of their students.

For those of you who are teachers, a review of the adopted programs would assist you in becoming familiar with the approved programs and perhaps even allow you to express your preference to your school principal. The adopted programs are available for review at Learning Resources Display Centers located throughout the state, primarily at County Offices of Education.

Use this link to get a listing of these Centers:

Mature teachers working in library

Approved programs include:

Program 2 Basic ELA/ELD: Amplify Education Inc-Amplify ELA:California Edition, Amplify ELD: California Edition.

Program 3: Basic Biliteracy: Benchmark Education Company-Benchmark Adelante (k – 6th grade) & McGraw-Hill School Education- Lectura Maravillas (k-6th grade)

Program 5: Specialized ELD: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt-Houghton- Mifflin Harcourt California Escalate English copyright 2017 (4-8 grade), Pearson Education Inc, p.a. Scott Foresman & Prentice Hall-CA Pearson iLit ELL (4-8 grade) & Scholastic Inc.-California English 3D Course A and Course I System (4-8 grades).

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