The Chilling Rise of Islamophobia in Our Schools

muslim harrassment

Accusations, beatings, even death threats—that’s life for Muslim kids in America. 

Kristina Rizga | Tue Jan. 26, 2016 6:00 AM ES, Mother Jones

Image of Nour wearing a Youth Power T-shirt
“WHAT DO YOU MISS about Syria the most?” I ask Nour on a rainy December afternoon in 2015, as we board a train after school. The soft-spoken
17-year old has invited me to join her at “I Stand with Arabs and Muslims,” a rally in San Francisco organized in the wake of the biggest spike in anti-Muslim violence in a decade, following deadly attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California.  Read more…

“I want more Syrian children to have access to good education like me and Salem.    They can then contribute to peaceful solutions in the Middle East when they grow up.   It is my conviction that I will go to Syria after college and do that.”                                                                                    —Nour, immigrant student from Syria, 17

Image of diverse teachersTeachers, check out this Haiku Deck by Amna Salameh, Islamic Cultural
Program for Educators

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