Will CA Initiative kick Prop 227 over the Ed.G.E.?

Good-bye….or Good riddance?  

Senator Ricardo Lara has rolled out the official website for the CA Ed.G.E. Initiative, which, when passed, will repeal and retract elements of Prop 227 with a focus on promoting multilingual education and technology growth to get the “edge on the global economy.”

CABE, CalTog, and CRLA Collaborate with Lara Team

Jan Corea, CABE CEO and Martha Zaragoza-Díaz, CABE Lobbyist, along with partners from Californians Together and the California Rural Legal Assistence (CRLA), collaborated with the Lara Team on much of the language of the bill that was sponsored by Lara, signed by Governor Brown in 2014, and will be placed on the November 2016 ballot.   It doesn’t have a proposition number yet, but it officially going by the name CA Ed.G.E. Initiative.

What have been the effects of Prop 227 implementation? 

Image of activists holding "No on 227" signs
Source:  Google Images

Read the report, “Effects of the Implementation of Proposition 227 on the Education of English Learners, K-12:  Findings from a Five-Year Evaluation,”  which was submitted to the California Department of Education by the American Institutes for Research Prime (Contractor) and WestEd (Subcontractor).

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