Legislative Update: CA EdGE Initiative

California Education for a Global Economy 

<<<<< CA Ed.G.E.  Initiative >>>>>

by Martha Zaragoza Díaz

Kindergarten children learning how to use computers.The November 2016 general election ballot will contain many initiatives for voters to decide upon. There will be a VERY IMPORTANT initiative that will affect you as educators of pupils who are English Learners and as parents of children who are English learners.

Multi-Generation Indian Family With Laptop


The California Education for a Global Economy (CA.Ed.G.E.) Initiative, placed on the ballot by SB 1174 (Lara-2014), essentially provides opportunity for parental choice and voice regarding access to language programs that prepare their children to be more competitive in a global economy and provides opportunities for monolingual English speaking students to be instructed to achieve proficiency in another language.

Teacher teaching  children with digital tablet or ipad

Most importantly for children who are English Learners, this initiative repeals the onerous English Learner parent waiver requirement and the English-only presumptive placement of English Learners currently in law!!  The initiative also re-affirms English proficiency standards and promotes English as the official language in California.

Ed.G.E. emphasizes preparing all students for college and careers in a multilingual 21st Century economy. Please become informed of this very important initiative and share this information with as many of your family, friends and colleagues as possible, in order to ensure its passage!!

For more information, visit California Education for a Global Economy Initiative,       call (916) 444-5353, or email info@protectstudents.com.

Martha Zaragoza-Díaz
Martha Zaragoza- Díaz, CABE Lobbyist



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