CABE Whittier…Wow!

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This month’s featured chapter:  

CABE Whittier—Chapter #40—Region 3

Four years ago, because of their commitment to working with the community to promote and support academic success and student enrollment in universities,  a group of professionals and parents from school districts in and around Whittier City started  CABE Chapter  #40.  Their collective vision was about promoting bilingual education and dual language immersion programs, supporting ELAC, DELAC, and educational excellence for the 21st century, and focusing on the needs of ELs, their families, and the educators who serve them.

So, let’s fast forward to the present.  How’s it going after four years?

Well, let’s see…from attending and presenting at the 2016 Annual Conference in San Francisco…to receiving awards at the Regional Conference in Anaheim…to sponsoring their 4th Summer Chinese Language Academy, and….to forming community partnerships to discover, build, and support new leaders, CABE Whittier Chapter Members started 2016 with a bang by participating in and hosting many engaging, informative, and inspiring events, all while maintaining a razor sharp focus on the CABE Vision and Mission. This relatively young chapter has become a membership leader and model for other chapters in Region III and across the other four regions in the state. Below and in the downloadable pdf,  CABE Whittier 2016, are  a few photos from this year so far:

parent admin Anaheim

Whittier City SD parents and administrators learning together at the CABE Regional Conference in Anaheim.

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Sharing experience and expertise with parents from across the district.  More than 112 participants attended their workshop at CABE 2016.

Ricardo Pajuelo, President

CABE Whittier Chapter #40

parent of year

Chapter founder member, Tania Maguiña, CABE 2016  Parent of the Year, with  Rosa Armstrong, CABE Director of Para-Professional Affairs (left) and Elodia Ortega-Lampkin, CABE Director of Legislative Affairs and Lodi USD Superintendent of Elementary Education (right)

To keep up with this busy chapter…

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