Roaring Raves about Riverside!

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by Laurie Nesrala
CABE Corner Editor
CABE Education Consultant

I’ve been hearing a lot of roaring lately about the CABE Parent and Para-Educator Conference and Teacher Institutes, held simultaneously at the Riverside Convention Center on May 17th. After seeing the post below on CABE’s Facebook page, and with those mighty roars still echoing both in my ears and through the hallways here at CABE Headquarters, I consulted with three fellow staff members to find out what all the excitement was about.FB

According to Delma Chwilinski, CABE Director of Programs and Events, attendance was packed roomthe highest for a CABE regional conference in many years with…

  • over 1300 total attendees
  • over 100 presentations
  • 33 workshops
  • 4 half-day teacher institutes with over 150 participants
  • a large number of first-time attendees, many of whom, Chwilinski reported, were raving that CABE was the best and the most professional conference they had ever attended.
Networking Wizards in Action

Jan Gustafson, CABE CEO, mirrored this observation saying, “What stood out to me first was the powerful number  of attendees—a number that clearly  illustrates the desire and hunger for more information, resources and support to create better and more effective programs for our biliteracy and EL students.”

Corea also pointed out the significance of having the support of two superintendents attending the event:  Ted Alejandre, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools and Kenn Young, Superintendent of the Riverside County Office of Education. Both spoke about the powerful impact being bilingual makes in the lives of our students as they prepare for the 21st century global economy. Corea concluded that “they both clearly believe that being bilingual and biliterate is an important goal for every student.”

Left to Right:  Marissa Lazo-Necco, CABE Board Director of Parent Relations with Karla Manzano, CABE Parent of the Year and Nayeli Castelan, Nominee

This was also true of those receiving awards—true advocates and practitioners, who not only embrace the CABE Vision and Mission, but most importantly, put them into action, providing exemplary models that inspire and motivate others. It was an honor this year to recognize Karla Manzano as the CABE 2016 Parent of the Year

CABE was also honored to welcome these special guests:

  • Bárbara Flores, San Bernardino City USD, California Latino School Boards Association, and CABE Board of Directors
  • Jesús Holguín, Moreno Valley USD, California School Boards Association, California Latino School Boards Assoc., and San Bernardino City USD
  • Amparo López, Secretaria de Educación Estatal, Baja California
  • Tamara Alsace, Mexican Consulate, San Bernardino

What stood out for Kris Nicholls, CABE Director of Professional Development Services, was the high level of engagement, which was also reflected in participant responses on the teacher institute evaluations regarding what they valued about the day:

“I will commit to really thinking about my lesson and how I’m heard by my students.”

“I appreciated the presenter spending time at each of the tables to answer our questions and listen to our comments.”

“I valued the activities we did, because doing it helps me to remember how it’s done, so that I can implement them in my classroom.”

“Our presenter didn’t just talk about the material, but she also applied it at various levels within her presentation.”

“I learned to modify some of my activities to scaffold more language opportunities.”

When Nicholls observed teachers making lists of English and Spanish cognates while discussing the instructional implications for their students, “it was a real eye opener,” she remarked. And when she heard a Lily Wong Filmore quote repeated, “There are no native speakers of academic language,” it gave her pause to reflect on the power and verity of that statement.

Chwilinski shared that she noticed many smiling, happy faces, as attendees walked and chatted with one another in the hallways of the convention center—a scene often punctuated by the question…

 “When is the next one?”

Those participants—and you—can find out about the next one on the  Upcoming Events section of this blog’s homepage, and also via the Calendar on the homepage of CABE’s new website: gocabe. org.

Hope to see you at the next one!  Go, CABE!