A Shared Commitment to Student Success: Binational Project GLAD® Pilot Project

by Kris Nicholls, Director of CABE Professional Development Services

Binatl GLAD1

In recognition of and support for the nearly 60,000 students that move between residences in California and Baja California, CABE, the Sistema Educativo Estatal (SEE), and the Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior (IME) have partnered to bring together teachers from both sides of the border to learn more about how to support the academic achievement and linguistic development, in both English and Spanish, of the students they share . In California, teachers in Spanish Dual Immersion classrooms wanted to also be able to improve their academic Spanish, while teachers in Baja California wanted to improve their academic English, especially those teaching the conversational English program in schools there.

CABE and CABE Professional Development Services (PDS), along with SEE, entered into a collaboration with the Orange County Department of Education’s OCDE’s) National Training Center to have a Project GLAD®certification program serve as a vehicle to accomplish these goals.  Recently, thirteen California teachers traveled to Tijuana and, along with twenty Baja California teachers, completed the two-day “Research and Theory” training session, the first of two training sessions required to become a certified Project GLAD® teacher through OCDE’s National Training Center.

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Project GLAD ® is the acronym for the Guided Language Acquisition Design instructional modelwhich includes a comprehensive system of research-supported and evidence-based instructional strategies that develop academic language and literacy for all students. For more than 20 years, Project GLAD ® has been used in classrooms across the United States to support students who are both learning and being taught in English.

Binatl GLAD4The Binational Project GLAD® Pilot Program will be the first time that Project GLAD ®will officially use materials in a language other than English. Recently, Project GLAD® has begun to develop units in Spanish to be used in the 4-day “Demonstration” session, the second phase of the Project GLAD® certification process. During the “Demonstration” session, teachers spend each morning observing a trainer teaching a Project GLAD® unit to students in a classroom while at the same time being coached by a second trainer to help them better understand the Project GLAD® model. In the afternoon, the teachers have the opportunity to reflect upon what they saw and learned in the morning, and collaboratively plan a Project GLAD unit together to implement in their own classrooms in order to apply what they learned. In collaboration with CABE, OCDE’s National Training Center Project GLAD ® trainers will be piloting one of the units in California this fall when the teachers from California attend the “Demonstration” session. The teachers from Baja California will be attending the “Demonstration” session in Tijuana this fall and will be observing a Project GLAD® unit in English.

This innovative Binational Project GLAD® Pilot Project is the first of its kind and CABE, CABE PDS, SEE, and the OCDE National Training Center for Project GLAD® look forward to the continued collaboration as the project moves forward this year toward its goal of increased academic achievement and linguistic development of the students they all serve.Binatl GLAD5

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