Hot off the press by Jill Kerper Mora!

Spanish Language Pedagogy
for Biliteracy Programs 

 This new textbook, Spanish Language Pedagogy for Biliteracy Programs by Jill Kerper Mora, takes prospective biliteracy teachers and active professionals into a deep and insightful exploration of the many dimensions of Spanish language and literacy instruction. The term “pedagogy” in the book’s title conveys its purpose, which is to articulate the theoretical and research base of the approaches, methods, strategies and learning Group Of Elementary Age Schoolchildren In Class With Teacheractivities that together comprise the discipline of Spanish language pedagogy to refine bilingual educators’ expertise in the theory and practice of teaching in, through and about Spanish.

Using vignettes of teachers’ collaborative planning and classroom practices, the author illustrates how teachers design units and lessons to facilitate students’ metalinguistic knowledge development. A feature of the book is the linkage between standards-based planning and instruction and the parallels between second-language methods and approaches and literacy instruction grounded in linguistics, psycholinguistic and metalinguistic knowledge development.

The author has a profound respect for Spanish in its own right, which supports her presentation of Spanish language and literacy approaches based on the Common Core curriculum and standards from Spanish-speaking countries. The book contains a collection of literary and informational texts from different grade levels of the Mexico Programa de Español, with accompanying learning activities. Dr. Mora also provides biliteracy teachers the knowledge base to challenge assumptions that sometimes lead to the  imposition of English language and literacy methodologies onto Spanish language arts instruction in biliteracy programs.

The book is comprised of seven chapters as follows:

Chapter 1  Context of Spanish Language Pedagogy

Chapter 2  Linguistic Foundations for Biliteracy

Chapter 3  Approaches to Spanish Language and Literacy Instruction

Chapter 4  Teaching for Metalinguistic Knowledge Development

Chapter 5  Close Reading of Literary and Informational Text

Chapter 6  Writing in Spanish for Language and Literacy LearningMora Cover Front Image

Chapter 7  Dual Language Program Evaluation

Dr. Mora’s highly readable and practical book on Spanish language pedagogy is certain to make a significant contribution to the field of dual language education that enhances the expertise of bilingual educators and enriches their students’ knowledge of Spanish in well-designed and well-implemented dual language programs internationally and in the United States.

JJK Mora sm_edited-2ill Kerper Mora is Associate Professor Emerita from the School of Teacher Education at San Diego State University. She is the recipient of the California Association for Bilingual Education 2002 Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarly Activity and the CABE Two-Way 2009 Promoting Biliteracy Award.

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