New Endorsements!

An update on endorsements for one of the most important pieces of California legislation regarding language education in two decades…

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The Sacramento Bee editorialized in favor of Proposition 58, the LEARN (Language Education, Acquisition and Readiness Now) Initiative.

Below are a few excerpts from the editorial:

“When it comes to California’s public schools, the question should always be: What’s best for students?

By that measuring stick, voters should support Proposition 58, which would give students (and their parents) more choice in how they learn English and other languages.”

“The world has changed since 1998, and language instruction must keep up so California students can compete in the global economy. Proposition 58 will help.”

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 .@SacBeeEditorialBoard editorialized in favor of #Prop58! Read here:


The LEARN Initiative is proud to be endorsed by the San Francisco Chronicle. Read an excerpt from the editorial:

“Prop. 58, put on the November ballot by the California Legislature, would restore some essential flexibility into educators’ judgment on the most effective teaching methods. It does not back off from the requirement that all California students become proficient in English. And it requires that school districts maintain an option for students with limited English proficiency to be taught mostly in English.
But, significantly, it removes the bureaucratic barriers to allowing school districts to offer dual-language immersion programs for native and non-native English speakers.”
“California education must always be driven by what is in the best interest of our children, not ideological dogma, and kept adaptable to adopt better practices as they emerge. Vote yes on 58.”

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The LEARN Initiative is proud to be endorsed by the California Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber).

Below is Senator Ricardo Lara’s comment on the endorsement:

“The LEARN Initiative is proud to have the support of the California Chamber of Commerce,” said Senator Lara. “California businesses understand that Prop 58 enables our children to prepare for the jobs of the future by removing unnecessary barriers to learning languages in our schools. Fluency in multiple languages is a valuable and marketable skill that will give our students an edge in the workforce.”

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Only one more month until the November ballot!

Have you done your part to ensure this bill passes?  

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