The Election & Education (Part 3): Actions and Resources for Educators

Martha Zaragoza-Díaz, CABE Lobbyist


By Martha Zaragoza Díaz, CABE Lobbyist


Actions and Resources for Educators

Schools Boards can pass resolutions (LAUSD and San Francisco have done so already) that are statements of not letting federal Immigration and Control Enforcement (ICE) enter school campuses and not providing them with student data.  These resolutions should be communicated widely to the community.

Districts should compile and provide resource information for undocumented and mixed status families about organizations and supports that can provide legal and other help.

Teachers and counselors should have information about DACA to share with students who are concerned about what DACA status may mean for them moving forward.

Schools should establish procedures/protocols for what happens to students if they are in school when a parent or guardian is detained, he emergency contact cannot be reached, and there is no one to either get the child home or to school.   This should be communicated to children and families so they know that children will be taken care of and what the plan will be.

All district employees, front office staff, administrators, etc. should be reminded of the Plyler v. Doe rights that ensure children’s right to attend school, regardless of immigration status, and that forbid schools from asking about the immigration status of children or families.

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